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Terms and conditions

Article 1. General.
These terms and conditions reflect the general provisions for providing driving training ‘category B’ and associated CBR/BNOR practical exams. These apply to Traffic School Driving Platform, hereinafter referred to as ‘Driving School’.

Article 2. Driving training.
The driving training includes driving lessons:
a. given by a competent driving instructor;
b. with a duration of a minimum of 60 minutes and a maximum of 90 minutes;
c. which are fully used for giving driving instruction;
d. for students who are authorized to drive;
e. for students 16.5 years and older.

Article 3. Driving School Obligations.
The Driving School ensures that:
a. the student takes a driving test (trial lesson) for the driving training. The said driving test (trial lesson) costs €55; If the student chooses separate lessons, the driving test (trial lesson) will be charged as one hour of driving lesson €55,-;
b. the result of the driving test (trial lesson) is communicated to the student within 24 hours;
c. the student is offered an appropriate driving training;
d. the student receives any overpaid teaching hours from the driving training to his/her account within 14 days after the practical exam;
e. the student is trained as best as possible until the CBR/BNOR exam level;
f. when it has been agreed in consultation between the driving instructor and the student that the practical exam can be taken, this application will be submitted to the CBR within 14 days;
g. the date of the practical exam is confirmed to the student at least one week in advance;
h. the student has a teaching vehicle available during the practical exam.

Article 4. Obligations Student.
The Student must:
a. take all driving lessons recommended by the driving test (test lesson) from the driving training to the practical exam, provided that the driving instructor notches the changes at least two weeks before the exam;
b. to adhere to the agreed date, time and place (Station Sloterdijk) for the driving lesson (a waiting time of 10 minutes is observed by the driving instructor, which may be deducted from the lesson time);
c. in the event of non-compliance with the agreed driving lesson, without timely notice, to pay the full lesson price;
d. if the agreed driving lesson is prevented, report this to the driving instructor at least 48 hours in advance;
e. pay the full lesson price if the driving lesson is not cancelled by him/her within 48 hours of the agreed time (Sunday and recognized public holidays are included);
f. follow all instructions from the driving instructor during the driving lessons;
g. for the application of the practical exam: Passport/ID and the driving school to authorize via the CBR, theory certificate to be able to submit to .de Driving School.

Artikel 5. Article 5. Payment.
5.1. The student is obliged to pay the agreed amount for the driving training before the agreed payment term. For a staggered payment in installments
will be charged € 10,- per term after the first payment term.
5.2. Payment is made by PIN, giro, via an authorization to Driving School, via the app, in cash or via staggered payment as agreed on this lesson agreement.
5.3. Driving school is not entitled to increase the tuition price during the duration of the lesson agreement. If the exam fees are increased by the CBR, this will be passed on to the student by Driving School.
5.4. Student is in default when payment has not been made to the driving instructor/driving school before the agreed date, without any reminder being required.
5.5. If the student has not paid on time, 15% per month interest will be calculated on the outstanding amount without a reminder from the due date.
5.6. If the student defaults to pay the amount due after a reminder, the amount will be increased with collection costs and collection costs with a minimum of € 100,- to be collected by a reputable collection agency.
5.7. If lessons are scheduled and the payment obligation is not fulfilled in time, these lessons will be charged or deducted from the goods.
5.8. After applying for the practical exam, the final schedule is drawn up in consultation with the student, the student undertakes to do so. Payment of additional required lessons must have been received by Driving School before the practical exam.
5.9. In the event of late payment, Driving School is entitled to discontinue driving lessons and the reservation of the exam.

Article 6. Intermediate test and Practical exam.
6.1. If the practical exam is postponed by the CBR due to bad weather conditions, Driving School will charge the student for the costs incurred for any additional driving lessons.
6.2. The student does not owe any costs in the event of a postponement of the practical exam if he/she cannot take the practical exam, because:
a. a relative up to the second degree of the student or of the driving instructor has died within 4 days before the practical exam or is buried on the day of the practical exam;
b. the teaching vehicle or an equivalent type is not available on the practical exam;
c. the teaching vehicle is rejected by the examiner. In this case, driving school ensures that a new practical exam is requested at no additional cost.
6.3 Driving school applies for the practical exam as soon as:
a. the entire payment obligation has been fulfilled by the student.
b. the driving school believes that the student has a reasonable chance of success.
6.4. For an emergency practical exam for study, work or departure abroad, Rijschool charges € 50,- administration costs.
6.5. If Driving School has reserved the practical exam for the student, he/she must take care of the necessary documents, mentioned in ‘Article 4 paragraph g’.

Artikel 7. Article 7. Exam fees for individual lessons.
When applying for the practical exam, the entire driving training must be paid by being transferred to the driving school’s account or paid in cash.

Article 8. Exam Guarantee.
8.1. With Exam Guarantee, the student is entitled to one re-examination, provided that all the conditions mentioned in these general terms and conditions are met.
8.2. The student must pay the tuition fee for a driving training course with Exam Guarantee in advance in advance, or at least have paid the entire sum before the application of
the (practice) exam(s).
8.3. The student is required to take at least one lesson of at least 100 minutes per week at Driving School during the driving training with Exam Guarantee.
8.4. The student is obliged to complete the driving training with Exam Guarantee within 12 months.
8.5. If the driving training with Exam Guarantee lasts longer than 12 months, the right to Exam Guarantee expires. All additional teaching hours and exams necessary to pass the exam will be borne by the student.
8.6. Suspension of driving training with Exam Guarantee is possible for medical reason(s). In this case, the course of the course must submit a doctor’s certificate to Driving School. Suspension of driving training is not a reason to end it. There is therefore no right to a refund of tuition fees.
8.7. Driving school determines the lesson schedule, the number of lesson hours, the time of application for the Intermediate test and (re)exam(s). Student must comply with Driving School’s training advice at all times.

Article 9. Termination of driving training.
9.1. If Driving School does not comply with its obligations, the student can stop driving training at no cost. Driving school will pay the deductible credit to student within 14 days.
9.2. The student can terminate the driving training in writing for medical reason(s) as a result that he/she cannot reasonably be expected to continue the driving training. Student must be able to present a doctor’s certificate. In this case, driving school will pay the credit, minus paid exam fees and administration costs with a minimum of € 50,- to the student within 14 days.
9.3. Driving school is entitled to terminate the driving training if it turns out that the relationship between the two negatively affects the quality of driving lessons.
9.4. If the student wishes to terminate the driving training, there will be no refund of the payments made.
9.5. If the student has not made any follow-up agreements within 3 months and Driving School has not heard anything from the student, then Driving School is entitled to terminate the agreement without notice and without return payment.

Article 10. Liability.
1. The student is not liable for damage(s) from third parties as a result of collision, collisions or overruns during the driving test (trial lesson), driving lesson and the (practice) exam(s).
2. Driving school is not liable for damage(s) resulting from intent and/or gross negligence of the student due to the use of alcohol, narcotics or medicines that negatively affect driving skills. Any damage resulting from the use of alcohol, narcotics or medicines that negatively affect the ability to drive will be recovered from the student.
3. Driving school is not liable for fines and/or other financial consequences if the student, despite his/her own statement, is not authorized to drive the teaching vehicle.
4. Driving school has taken out all the necessary insurance policies, which are required for giving driving training in an approved examination vehicle according to the regulations of the CBR.

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