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Good preparation so you're ready for your exam.

At Rij Plaform, we strive to offer you the best possible experience when taking your driving tests. Whether it’s your practical exam, your theory exam, or a fear of failure exam, we are here to help you prepare and succeed!

The preparation you deserve
We are known for how well we prepare our students for exams. Our instructors are experienced and trained to ensure you master all the necessary skills and accumulate the necessary knowledge before starting your exam. We offer individual attention and guidance so that you’re confident, well prepared, and ready to take your exam.

Schedule your exam quickly
One of our big advantages when compared to other driving schools in Amsterdam is how quickly we can plan and book your exam. We know you want to get your driver’s licence as soon as possible so we do our best to arrange exam dates to fit your schedule.

In short, at Rij Platform you are assured of optimal preparation for your exam, plus flexibility in planning your exam around your schedule. We strive to help you succeed and get on the road safely with your Dutch driver’s license in hand. Contact us today to plan your exams and get your driver’s licence quickly, conveniently, and safely!

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Taking your theory exam is an important step in obtaining your Dutch driver’s licence. Preparation is essential. Our learning app contains all the teaching materials you need.

On the day of the exam, you must be there on time and you need to bring your ID. The exam itself usually consists of multiple-choice questions and situational questions where you have to assess and make the right decisions. It is important to stay calm, read the questions carefully, and use common sense and logic to answer well.

You will immediately receive your results at the end of the exam. If you’ve passed, you are now ready to prepare for and schedule your practical exam. Keep in mind, your theory certificate is valid for 18 months. So consult with your driving instructor to find the best time to book in your theory exam at the CBR.

The practical exam is the final step in becoming a fully-fledged independent driver. In-depth preparation is essential if you want to succeed. This means sufficient practice with a certified instructor, understanding traffic rules and mastering vehicle control. Pay attention to the validity of your theory certificate – this is only valid for 18 months so make sure you book your practical exam within that timeframe.

On the day of your practical exam, arrive on time and bring valid ID. You’ll also need your theory certificate and a call card. The exam itself consists of manouevers, traffic participation, and assessment of your driving skills. During the test, stay calm, pay attention to road signs, and above all act safely. With a positive result, you are ready to set off on the road independently. Prepare thoroughly and drive confidently for a successful practical exam.

The fear of failure exam is designed for students who struggle to perform under pressure. This exam provides a quieter and more supportive enviroment to help reduce anxiety and increase self-condidence for the learner.

You will get extra time and specific guidance from a trained instructor during a fear of failure driving exam. The exam follows the same structure as a regular driving exam, but there is more room for breaks and for instructions. The examiner will be understanding and will encourage and facilitate positive communication.

A fear of failure exam offers students a chance to demonstrate their driving skills without the stress of a traditional exam, allowing them to take the test with more confidence and enable them to succeed and drive safely on the road.

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