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Driving school Amsterdam

Looking for a driving school in Amsterdam where you can take your driving lessons at your own pace and at your leisure? You found it! At Rijplatform, all attention is 100% focused on you. To avoid the crowds on the Amsterdam roads, you’ll mainly drive in the exam area. And you get to know all the ins and outs of the exam route. You also don’t have to pick up other students during your lesson so you can fully focus on getting your driver’s licence!

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100% free trial lesson

With Rij Platform you’ll always start with a 100% free trial lesson. Unlike other driving schools, you really don’t have to pay anything for your trial lesson with us. During the trial lesson, your dedicated driving instructor will estimate how many lessons you may need. You also get the chance to get a feeling for working with your instructor. And that’s just as important as us getting to know you! We can quickly book in your trial lesson, meaning you can be behind the wheel within a week. No waiting lists! Lessons are bookable both during the week and on weekends. Ready to get started? Request your free trial lesson now.

Smart driving lessons in exam area

Rij Platform is known for its unique and effective teaching method. You have one regular driving instructor with whom you will mainly drive in the exam area. This way you get to know the routes of your driving test through and through. And that increases the chance that you can pass your driving exam in one go. We also make sure you don’t waste time in the busy streets of central Amsterdam. You’ll drive on a route where you can practice all necessary techniques to hone your driving skills. Plus, you don’t have to pick up other students so all attention is focused on you!

Pay in installments or pay later

We are one of the few driving schools where you can pay in installments (or even pay later). We understand our students like no other. We know it is sometimes difficult to pay the costs all at once. That’s why we do everything we can to keep the driving lessons as cheap and affordable as possible and payments schedules flexible to cater for our students and their needs. For example, the re-examination worth 340 euros is free. Learn more about our driving lesson costs and some of the benefits of driving with Rij Platform below.

Extensive class times during the week and weekends

At Rijplatform we do not have waiting lists and we are very flexible. With us you can drive both during the week and on weekends. In order to be able to help all working and school-age students, we have ample ‘opening hours’. So with us it is possible to have lessons in the evening, too.
We are open 7 – 19:00 Monday to Friday, and 12:30 – 17:00 on Saturdays.

Free additional help videos and tips

At Rijplatform we aim to engage and inspire you weekly. We do this through our App Group. Here we send useful help videos weekly with driving tips and advice to help you drive even better. Our students really like this and it works effectively. We strive to do everything we can to guide you to your driver’s license as quickly and safely as possible. It is not for nothing that we are rated with a 9.6. Get in touch now to start your driving journey with us!

Why choose our driving lessons? 7 reasons why Rij Platform is the best driving school in Amsterdam for you:

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