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At Rij Platform, we believe in more than just getting a driving licence. We believe in developing lifelong driving skills and confidence on the road. Step into our world and discover how we will guide you on your journey to safe, confident, and responsible driving.

Qualified and experienced instructors
Our experienced and vetted driving instructors are 100% committed to your succes. They use their knowledge to tailor your learning to you and your needs. They know that everyone is unique, with different preferences and backgrounds. That means that they will teach you in the format that you learn best in. Whether that’s visual, auditory, or practical learning techniques, we’ll tailor your lessons to you and your learning style. We always place you at the heart of the learning process!

Optimized for safety
Safety is our top priority. We teach you not only how to drive a vehicle, but also how to assess situations, recognize possible dangers, and apply defensive driving techniques. Our goal is not only to help you pass your driving test. We also will make you a confident and responsible driver, ready to react appropriately to whatever situation you encounter on the road.

Theory and practical
On top of our tailored driving lessons in Amsterdam, we also offer comprehensive theory lessons. During these lessons, we’ll thoroughly review traffic rules and regulations so that you’re well prepared for your theory test. Our instructors are always ready to answer your questions and also apply your theory learning practically in your driving lessons.

Relax on the road
Learning to drive is both exciting and challenging. We create a supportive and positive environment to help you feel comfortable making mistakes, learning, and growing as a driver. We always encourage questions, provide constructive feedback, and ensure that you leave each lesson with more confidence.

We come to you
We make it easy for you to get behind the wheel. We can pick you up, in consultation, if it’s more convenient for you. Or you can meet us at accessible locations like Lelylaan or Sloterdijk stations.

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What are you waiting for? Sign up today to claim your free trial lesson at our driving school in Amsterdam. Let us guide you on your journey to driving skills and freedom on the road. We promise that driving with us will be a pleasant and rewarding experience you will cherish forever.

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Urgent driving training at Rij Platform is an intensive way to obtain your driver’s licence quickly. Here are the benefits of urgent driving training with our instructors in Amsterdam:

Start your urgent driving training today and get a free trial lesson.

An interim test (TTT) is an important step in your journey to your Dutch driver’s licence. You can take this test before the final practical exam. During the test, you will be assessed by an examiner from the traffic authority, similar to a real practical exam. The same assessment criteria is applied here, such as following traffic rules, your control of the car, and general safety on the road.

The benefits of this interim test are numerous. You get the opportunity to experience a real exam environment, reduce exam stress, and identify any weaknesses. Plus, if you successfully complete special manouevers during the interim test, they can be excluded from the final practical exam making it easier for you to pass first time.

During an interim test, you will be assessed but you can’t fail. It is primarily used as a learning opportunity and it helps you prepare well for the real practical exam. It is not mandatory however and it’s your choice if you want to take an interim test before your final practical exam.

Ready to schedule an interim test and get prepared for your practical exam? Get in touch today.

We use an instruction card to monitor your driving progress. This is a great tool for both the driving instructor and the learner. With this instruction card, you can view your progress at a glance. For each lesson topic, your instructor can indicate how well you’re doing.

The instruction card follows a series of lesson topics organized in 3 distinct modules:

  • Module 1 covers vehicle operation
  • Module 2 covers special manouevers
  • Module 3 covers the components of safe traffic participation


The big advantage of the instruction card is that your instructor can indicate exactly how independently you perform each lesson topic. In total, there are 8 steps needed to complete the instruction card.

On the back of the instruction card there is space for the theory exam, the interim test (TTT), and some administrative matters. There’s also space to take notes as you go.

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